Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy

happydogKeeping your dog happy can be tricky depending on the type of dog that you have and how much time you have to spend with your dog. Taking your dog for a walk in a different neighborhood might stimulate the senses and keep your dog interested. A territorial dog might be less dominant in a neighborhood that is less familiar and therefore easier to walk.

Getting a plastic tunnel for your dog to run through would increase confidence and give your dog something new to explore.

Socialize your dog by having play dates with your friend’s dog. This will not only tire your dog but give your furry friend  the opportunity to practice good manners around other dogs.

Give your dog some puzzles to solve. Put a cookie or treat in an appropriate container and watch your dog figure out how to open it. Hide treats and teach your dog to use its nose to find them.

Give your dog regular massages! This will help your dog get used to being handled, give you the opportunity to discover unusual lumps or bumps and well, it just feels good and will probably make your pooch smile.