They’re coming….weeds! How to control them naturally

Photo Credit: Aplum

Photo Credit: Aplum

The days are getting longer and the weather is warmer making it the perfect time for….weeds! Just because you have children or pets doesn’t mean your yard should be overrun by those dreaded yellow flowers. Here are three options to keep your lawn healthy without using harsh chemicals or having to removing weeds by hand.


1) Vinegar

Horticultural vinegar is significantly stronger than the vinegar you might put on your fries. It is often effective with just one application. However, it is not selective meaning it will kill all plants therefore you will probably want to limit its use to walk/driveways.

2) Iron

Iron based sprays are a good choice for killing weeds in lawns since it targets broadleaf weeds such as dandelions without killing your lawn. Unfortunately, it is not instant and may take a few applications before you see results. The area is safe for pets and children once the spray has dried.

3) Corn gluten meal

This is best used early in the season as it will prevent the weeds from germinating. However, once the weeds are established the gluten will have no effect (but it does make a great fertilizer).

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