Winter Woes: Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Many dogs love snow but the harsh weather, salt and other de-icers can cause dry/cracked paws. ¬†Fortunately, there are a few easy steps to help protect your dog’s paws this winter.

  1. Boots are the best way to protect your dog’s paws from the elements and chemicals. Today, there are many different styles available or you can easily make your own like these ones.
  2. Alternatively, there are several beeswax/petroleum based balms that you can apply directly to your dog’s paws to provide some protection.
  3. Salts and other de-icers can burn your dog’s feet so if they don’t wear boots, their feet should be washed after walks.
  4. Only use dog-friendly de-icers on walkways. These salt-free alternatives are not only safe for pets and children but tend to be better for the environment as well.

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