In Brief: Caring For Your Dog’s Teeth

Caring for your dog's teethStart brushing your dog’s teeth when they are puppies and continue into adulthood. You can use a soft human toothbrush if you don’t want to buy a special dog toothbrush but do not use human toothpaste because they are not formulated for dogs. Instead, there are many inexpensive dog toothpastes that will do the job.

If your dog is not used to having their teeth brushed there are alternatives such as chewing on bones. Bones are a natural way to clean your dog’s teeth. However, some vets are against giving your dog bones because they are concerned that it may cause injuries. If this is your view as well, then you might consider using a dental product; there are several on the market that you can spray into your dog’s mouth. These products are formulated to loosen the plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

If your dog’s teeth are really brown with tartar, or at least every two years, you should have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned by your vet. Your vet will be able to remove the tartar below the gum line and prevent bone loss. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean could save you money down the road!

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