I got personality, yah baby!

I got personality, yah baby!

dog-1535905_640Any fur baby parent will tell you that dogs have their own personalities. But what you might not know is that certain personalities respond better to a particular type of training. Dogs can be confident, shy, independent, happy go lucky, and dominant.

Confident and happy go lucky are probably the easiest dogs to train because their basic trait is to please. Given the right treat, they will likely do what you ask them to do without too much effort on your part. However, it’s another story if your dog has an independent personality. These dogs need to be motivated a lot before they will do what you ask. In fact, you should probably work on strengthening your relationship with them before you event attempt any serious training. This means that your focus is on playing and doing anything that you both find fun. Once the bond is built, training will proceed at a less frustrating pace.

A similar approach is required if you have a shy dog but the difference is that you also have to build the dog’s confidence. Confidence building games could include running through an agility course, going through a tunnel, having your dog solve puzzles, meeting new people and well, just giving your dog the time he/she needs to blossom into the fabulous dog he/she really is.

Lastly, if you have a dominant dog, the first thing you will have to do is forget any ‘ol school’ heavy handed ways of dominating your dog like rolling him/her on his/her side because the truth is it doesn’t work. The trick with a dominant dog is to have patience, to be consistent, and reward positive behaviors. The important thing to remember is that training doesn’t happen overnight, dogs like people are not perfect and will make mistakes, and if you believed that your dog is too hard to handle for whatever reason, get professional help. There are affordable trainers out there that would be happy to work with you and your dog.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are human and dog relationships!