Holiday 2015: Unique Toys for Your Cat & Dog Part 2

These unique and fun toys are sure to be on your pets’ wish list this year…(don’t forget to check out part one if you missed it!)

Photo: ZooPlus

Photo: ZooPlus

Kitty Lake

For cats that like “fishing” this little pool has a shiny, multicolored floor to give the water an extra reflective appearance. The floating fish are colored with kitty friendly food coloring.

 Trixie Gambling Tower

Dog tower Tixie

Photo: Zooplus

Although there are many puzzle toys on the market for dogs, this one has a unique tower shape with discs that pull out releasing treats below and there are three little cones to hide treats under. The puzzle difficulty can be adjusted to keep your pup entertained.

Flea Plush Dog Toy

Now your dog can turn the tables with this flea chew toy and unlike the real thing…it has a funny face and features a squeaker inside.


Photo: Entirely Pets

Photo: Entirely Pets

Bacon Bubble Maker for Dogs

The title says it all…this little machine makes an endless stream of bacon scented bubbles that are non-toxic, tear-free, and safe for pets and kids.



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