Hi-tech dog gear

Whether you love gadgets or for the dog who has it all,here are some hi-tech dog gear to help keep your dog healthy, happy, and safe.

Photo: Go Go Dog Toys

Photo: Go Go Dog Toys

If you have trouble keeping up with your dog’s activity level or just need a new way to entertain him/her then Go-Go Dog Pals might be the perfect toy. It is similar to a remote controlled car except it has a durable cover designed to look like a squirrel, turtle or a number of other creatures. It can cruise up to 25 MPH, has a range of 350 ft, and its chassis’s ”shape and material is designed so dogs cannot grasp and puncture it…[and] is engineered to operate on most surfaces.”


Photo: PetChatz

Want to check up on your furry friend while you are away? The PetChatz  is a video phone that is simply plugged into a wall outlet and works using wifi. You can even fill the chew-proof device with your pet’s favorite treat and smells (yes..really). It features the ability to record/share videos and can even alert you to sound or motion near the device.



Photo: Voyce

The range of tech products to keep track of a person’s heart rate, activity and even sleep patterns has grown rapidly in the past few years. So it’s no surprise thatwearable tech has gone to the dogs. The Voyce Health Monitor is a light-weight, waterproof collar that allows you to monitor yourdog’svital signs using radio frequencies. It can also track your dog’s activity/rest periods, estimate their calories burned and more. The creators of theVoyceclaim the device can help you and your vet to identify health problems before they become a serious issue.


And if you’re tired of picking up your dog’sdoodoothe old fashioned way…not to worry even pooper-scoopers have gone hi-tech. ThePooch Power Shovel lets you vacuum up your dog’s business into a biodegradable “doo doo bag” for disposal. It weighs just over 4 pounds and its battery will last months for the average dog owner, before needing to be recharged.

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