First aid kit for your pet…are you prepared?

First Aid Kit for PetsAlways check with your vet for dosages or conditions that persist but a first aid kit may come in handy…be sure to include:

1) Real pumpkin – if your dog has diarrhea, real pumpkin pie filling (not the spiced pie filling) can be a life saver. One quarter teaspoon for small dogs, half a teaspoon for medium dogs, to one tablespoon for large dogs should do the trick. Remember to offer lots of water to prevent dehydration. Always check with your vet if the condition persists beyond a day or sooner for puppies and small dogs because diarrhea may be an indication of something more serious.

2) Cortisone or Aloe – for itchy or inflamed spots, cold wet tea bags applied to paws or Benedryl may ease your dog’s allergies.

3) Vet wrap – may be used to immobilize a limb before taking your pet to the vet, make sure not to wrap too tight as this will cut the circulation in the limb.

4) Styptic pencil – to stop bleeding if you hit the quick when trimming your dog’s nails

5) Antiseptic wipes – look for non-stinging preparations such as chlorhexidine or betadine. Rubbing alcohol is not good for open sores or wounds.

6) General purpose antibiotic – used for minor skin wounds

7) Ear cleaner – this can help prevent ear infections and other issues

8) Emergency phone numbers – such as for your vet or the animal poison control hotline

Do you have  first aid kit for your pet?

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