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Pet Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

1) This hot pink collar is cat friendly collar! 2) This zebra pattern collar is a great choice for a dog with a wild streak. 3) For the rockstar pup in your life. 4) This collar is purrfect for your favorite feline Valentine. 5) This “lovely” bag holder slips over the leash to make it handy AND stylish. 6) A pawsome choice! 7) This pink & lime collar is a twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day colors yet still classic enough to be suitable for year round use. 8) For the camo lover...

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How to Save Money Without Compromising Your Dog’s Care


piggybankWhile people should understand and anticipate the costs of having a dog, unexpected events such as the loss of a job could make it challenging to afford a dog. In fact, research by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy found cost of ownership to be one of the top 5 reasons why pets were surrendered to shelters. Here are some suggestions on how to reduce costs without compromising your dog’s care.