Bored Dog?

It’s not always easy keeping our pets active and engaged. Here are a few games to keep your pooch entertained.

1) Take your dog’s metal bowl, put low fat peanut butter on the sides of it and flip it over. Your dog will be teased by the scent of the peanut butter but will have to work to flip the bowl over to get the reward.

2) If it’s nice out you can take an old bucket or large bowl fill it part way with water depending on the size of your dog and get your dog to splash around or retrieve treats from the water.

3) Yummy veggies frozen in ice cubes will keep your dogs cool on hot days and a rousing game of hide and go seek inside will exercise their noses on rainy days. For more active dogs, setting up an agility course in your backyard might be the ticket. Although you can buy agility course items such as tunnels or ladders, you can also make your own out of sturdy boxes and step stools. Just make sure that what you use is appropriate and safe for the size of your dog.

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