Anxious dog? This might help….

flute-1427652_640Do have an anxious or easily excitable dog? Then classical music may be the answer. Two studies* found that compared to other types of music such as heavy metal or pop, classical music appeared to reduce stress in shelter dogs and led to increased sleeping.

Interestingly, classical music that was specially designed to promote relaxation in animals did not fair any better than regular classical music. So the next time you need to calm your anxious dog, why not try tuning into the classic music station!



*Kogan, Schoenfeld-Tacher, & Simon. (2012). Behavioral effects of auditory stimulation on kenneled dogs. Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications & Research. 7(5), 268-275.

Wells, Graham, & Hepper. (2002). The influence of auditory stimulation on the behavior of dogs housed in a rescue shelter. Animal Welfare. 11(10), 385-393.

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