5 Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Fit

Photo: Rachael Prins

Photo: Rachael Prins

Many dogs are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. When making your new years’ resolutions, why not make keeping your pet at a healthy weight one of them? Here are 5 tips to help you reach that goal.

  1.  Don’t allow your dog to free feed– Free feeding makes it difficult to determine how many calories your dog is actually consuming
  2. Measure your dog’s food using a measuring cup – Using a measuring cup rather than other less precise methods will also help you figure out how many calories your dog is consuming. Also, ignore the feeding recommendations on the package and use a calorie calculator for dogs to get an idea of how much your dog should be eating
  3. When treating your dog, stick to real meat – Instead of using cookies that contain mainly carbohydrates and fat, use dehydrated meat treats that are readily available in any pet store (or you can even make your own)
  4. Just 20 minutes a day – A 20 minute walk will greatly improve the health of both humans and canines..but if your dog isn’t used to going for walks you may need to start slow and work up to a brisk pace and longer time
  5. Add Veggies – If they can tolerate them, adding some dog friendly veggies to their meals or as treats can help your dog to feel full (due to the water content in the veggies)

If you are concerned about your dog’s weight, it’s best to check with a vet to rule out any possible medical causes prior to beginning a weight loss.

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