5 Things Every Dog Should Know

5 things your dog should knowHere’s a list of 5 essential commands every dog should know…

“Leave it” – this command will help keep your dog safe and out of trouble. Whether you forgot to put away your favorite pair of shoes or encounter litter while on a walk, teaching your not to touch things is a must. If you’re dog has difficulty leaving objects, you may need to start in a controlled situation with less interesting items and a high value treat.

“Drop it” –¬†this command will ensure that your dog drops whatever was picked up. You may not have reacted in time to use the leave it command and by the time you notice, your dog may already have picked up something he/she shouldn’t have. Dropping on command will prevent your dog from eating something bad or playing with a forbidden item.

“Come” – having a reliable recall could be a lifesaver for your dog. The key to a good recall is to make it fun. Being excited, high value treats, etc will teach your dog that coming when called is a rewarding event.

Be nice” – this a good way to teach pups not to bite. Apply a thin coat of something tasty like peanut butter. Say “be nice” then give the pup your hand to lick. Eventually, your pup will learn that “be nice” means to lick and you can use this to your advantage when the pup is mouthing on your hands.

“Watch me”¬†– this command comes in handy when you need your dog to focus on you and not on other distractions. It may require practicing with high value treats in order to make your dog understand that you are more interesting than the squirrel or rabbit across the street but eventually your dog will only have eyes for you.


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