3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Looking Their Best

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Looking Their Best

how to keep your dog looking their bestWhether you prefer DIY grooming or just want to extend the time between trips to the groomers, here are a few easy ways to keep your dog looking and feeling his/her best.

Nail Trims

For some people (and dogs), nail trimming can be a daunting task, but with a little practice and a few treats, it can be a positive experience for everyone. Begin by getting your dog used to have their feet touched (don’t forget to reward your dog and to keep the sessions short). If your dog is uncomfortable with the nail trimming process start small…trim only one or two nails and work your way up. Trimming the nails on a regular basis (such as weekly) can help your dog become comfortable with the process. This great video gives an overview on how much to cut (and what not to trim!).

Freshen Up Their Coat

One easy way to keep your dog’s coat smelling and looking good without a full bath is to use a waterless shampoo. Just give your dog a quick brush, then spray and wipe with a towel to help remove dirt, restore shine, and smell great.

Give Them A Quick Trim

Trim the hair around the dog’s feet so that the fur is even with the dog’s pads, then do the same on the underside of the paws (do not trim in between the pads of the foot). This will not only make the feet look better but will help to reduce the amount of snow/dirt that the paws collect.

Want more advice? Check out celebrity groomer, Jorge Bendersky’s book, DIY Dog Grooming, From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show: Everything You Need to Know, Step by Step, for great tips and photos.