Doggie Cloud Cookies

You will need:

  • dogcookis3 large egg whites
  • 2 teaspoons of white sugar
  • Food coloring (optional)

Beat 3 egg white on high until soft peaks form and slowly add sugar. Continue beating until stiff peaks form. One or two drops of food coloring may be added and folded gently in eggs. Drop by teaspoon on to parchment paper covered cookie sheet. Cook for 20 minutes or more at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn off over and leave cookies in long enough to dry them out.

Watch Out for Wasps

bee-wolf-1370180_640It’s that time of the year when grumpy wasps are flying about looking for a place to winter. This means that your dog could accidentally have a run in with one of them.

What should you do if your dog gets stung by a wasp? First of all, try not to panic and remember that your dog will most likely be just fine. Having said that, wasp stings are painful and may swell. You can make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the area that was stung. You can also apply an ice pack intermittently. Watch your dog carefully for signs of a more serious reaction. If the swelling extends beyond the area that was stung, if your dog seems confused, has difficulty breathing, or is restless, you should take your dog to the vet right away. Don’t wait because your dog could be having an allergic reaction and time is of the essence.

Pretty soon these pesky bugs will be gone, in the meantime enjoy the rest of the summer!

Herbs & Spices for Your Dog

herbs and spices for dogsAccording to PetMD, some herbs and spices are not only safe but good for your dog!

  1. Aloe vera is a pretty common herb that is recommended for burns or skin irritations that your dog may have.
  2. Ginger is a tasty spice that can be added to homemade cookies to settle your doggie’s tummy.
  3. A less common herb is goldenseal; this powerful antibiotic is useful when made into a tincture and used for eye infections.
  4. Turmeric is an ancient herb that has been shown to reduce inflammation and help with bowel issues. However, it should be used with caution because it can also act as a blood thinner.
  5. Lastly, hawthorn has been shown to be beneficial especially, for older dogs with heart problems; it is an excellent antioxidant.

Always check with your vet before administering any herbs or spices to your dog.

Pet Medical Alert Tag

Pet Medical Alert Tag

Although Canada does not currently have a central registry that manages medical alert pet tags, you should still consider adding an alert tag to your pet’s collar if your dog or cat has medical issues. This way, if you get separated from your pet, whoever finds your furry friend will know that your pet has special needs.

Photo Credit: Dog Tag Art

You could have the tag engraved with the words “takes medication” or “diabetic” as a caution. In the United States there are several organizations that provide medical alert pet tags and keep a registry of these pets. These registries were proven to be valuable when natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods struck certain parts of the U.S. Pets who were wearing these medical alert tags received the medical attention they required more quickly than if they had not been wearing them.

Hi-tech dog gear

Whether you love gadgets or for the dog who has it all,here are some hi-tech dog gear to help keep your dog healthy, happy, and safe.

Photo: Go Go Dog Toys

Photo: Go Go Dog Toys

If you have trouble keeping up with your dog’s activity level or just need a new way to entertain him/her then Go-Go Dog Pals might be the perfect toy. It is similar to a remote controlled car except it has a durable cover designed to look like a squirrel, turtle or a number of other creatures. It can cruise up to 25 MPH, has a range of 350 ft, and its chassis’s ”shape and material is designed so dogs cannot grasp and puncture it…[and] is engineered to operate on most surfaces.”

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Want to Contribute to Dog-ology? (No Degree Required)

dog-1551699_640Have you ever wondered why your dog doesthat? Or maybe you’ve heard in the news about the latest study that says dogs will snub people who are mean to their owners?

Thanks to scientists around the world, we are learning more about canine behavior than ever before. But these researchers don’t use special “lab” dogs…they typically use dogs just like yours! So if you would like to contribute to science without needing a degree (or in some cases leaving the comfort of your home) here are a few places to check out:

  1. The OVC Companion Behavior and Welfare Lab
  2. The Canine Research Unit
  3. And this great list of research projects from around the world

Frozen Yogurt Treats

Frozen Yogurt Treat for DogsYou will need:

  • Ice cube tray
  • Container of flavored yogurt (lactose free preferably)
  • Pieces of fresh ripe fruit (blueberries, strawberries, pitted cherries, bananas or bits of pineapple)

Combined the above ingredients and scoop into individual ice cube tray cups.

Freeze for several hours and voila! A cool and healthy summer treat for your canine friend!